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Writing Profile

We fashion and recreate reality through words, emotions and pictures… we create compelling stories that transform behaviours, shift policies and positions.

  • Writing & Proof-Reading Services ( Newsletters, annual reports, Newspaper opinion pieces & supplements).
  • Writing & Proof-Reading Services (Press Statements, Media Factsheets, song sheets and Backgrounders.)
  • Writing & Proof-Reading Services (Speeches, Legal/ Formal Submissions, Communiques.)
  • Copywriting for social media, website/ Portals & Blogs and Print.
  • Writing policy briefs; monographs, journal articles and other knowledge publications
  • Collating and cataloguing knowledge- stories of change/impact, lessons learnt, case studies and best practices from ongoing projects
  • Compilation of legacy/historical/biographical publications for milestone celebrations
  • Design & Review of Communication Strategies.
  • Conferences and training forums rapporteur services.
  • Translation quality assurance and ease of language revise editing.
  • Writing/ Proof reading business Development/ Funding Proposals.
  • Brand Visibility and Marketing Write-ups.
  • Rebrand Preposition Writing.
  • Writing & Proof Reading of Media Products such as;
    • Press Releases
    • Media Advisory Notes.
    • Reactives.
    • Media Song sheets.
    • Speeches.

Multimedia Productions Portfolio

We bring your story to life and to a wider audience using high level photography and video production techniques. Our niche however is not just in technology and having the right gear- We capture the lived experience with dignity and ensure that your audio, photography or video project brings hope and transformation….

Our scope of services includes;

  • Concept development and recording for Audio/Voice overs – voices only, jingles, sound bed etc.
  • Concept development and production for Television Advertisements, documentaries, news segments, properties and full-length television programmes.
  • Content development for social media and websites including downloadable avatars and e-shots.
  • Creative Artwork Design for Print, Billboards and Social Media platforms.
  • Videography and Photography services for events, commemorations and special occasions.
  • Indexing and archival of Videography and Photography. 
  • Sound editing and music scoring.

Creative Design Portfolio

We are constantly pressing on the creative peddle for new approaches to publishing, animation and creative layouts. We do not simply design…we curate and repurpose art to represent the unspoken.…

Our scope of services includes;

  • Layout  and design of Annual Reports and Yearbooks.
  • Layout  and design of brochures, magazines, newsletters, newspaper inserts, supplements and digests.
  • Layout  and design of print and digital promotional materials- posters, brochures, fliers, billboards, out of home collateral, signages.
  • Full Brand identity strategy development including Logo design, brand guidelines, collateral/stationery, and integration design services for print & digital-ready artworks.
  • Production illustrations and infographics
  • Layout of Learning Papers, monographs, journals, handbooks, guidebooks and case studies.
  • Print/Publishing management of books and reports.
  • Production of digital ready artworks and concepts.

Broadcast Media Liason

Having a great story is paramount but the story getting to the right people is crucial. Our Media Liason unit will help you achieve this and more by building reliable connections, getting the coverage and quantifying your media advertising/publicity.

Our scope of services:

  • Engagment of local, regional and international media houses coverage of events.
  • Provisiob of advertising agency services (Video, Audio production and Creative Artworks).
  • Organizing physical and virtual press conferences.
  • Crisis media management.
  • Training for media apprearances.
  • Handling media buying agencies.
  • Structuring media partnerships.
  • Production of sponsored media programmes.
  • Managing media centres during international conferences.
  • Bespoke consulting services on media/legal regulatory processes.

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