Strategic Communications

We offer technical advisory services on integrated communications aspects from concept development/ ideation, scripting, design, delivery to evaluation. We possess the flexibility to engage across digital and broadcast platforms as well as with different audiences, cultures, demographics and countries. Leveraging on Research and Project management competencies, we are able to deliver outstanding communication campaigns, compelling write ups and memorable media engagement. Our Social Change Hub is a creative and high energy space that develops powerful mobilization strategies, crafts messages to fire up campaigns, build awareness among targeted constituencies and wins over key influencers.

The Writing Lab

• Design&Review of Communication Strategies.
• Design of Business Development/ Funding Proposals.
• Production of Media Monitoring Reviews.
• Curation of social media platforms.
• Conference Rappoteuring
• Writing & Proofreading of newsletters, annual reports, speeches,
supplements etc.
• Brand Visibility&Marketing Writeups.
• Change/ Rebrand/ Relaunch Communication strategies.
• Writing&Proof Reading Products of Media Products
a) Press Releases,
b) Media Advisory Notes,
c) Reactives,
d) Media Song sheets,
e) Speeches

Social Change Hub

• Design&Review of Policy Advocacy Campaigns.
• Behavior Change Communications.
• Policy/ Legislative lobbying, and coalition building.
• Design and implementation of campaigns.
• Design of Crisis Communication Products.

Media Liaison Unit

• Training for Media Appearances.
• Crisis Media Management
• Handling Media Buying Agencies.
• Structuring Media Partnerships.
• Advisory and Management of Sponsored Media Programmes.
• Specialized Media Training.
• Managing Media Centre during International Conferences.
• Media Engagement during High profile political, diplomatic,
legal/ regulatory processes.

Project Management

We have a team of experienced project management practioners with local and international experience in programme/ project design, sequencing, fundraising, visibility, execution and evaluation. We handle projects in the public sector, international development and private sector

Programme Design, Evaluation and Scalability

• Largescale Programme/ Project design, costing and Donor Pitching
• Alignment of Development Cooperation Programmes alongside National            Development Plans.
• Design of information management and reporting standards.
• Technical Support in light of Funding scale up / scale down.
• Training of regional and country directors, senior policy makers, Technical         advisors& Core staff on Programme Management.
• Development of Value for Money approaches.

Conflict Analysis and Political Risk Mapping

• Information Management in conflict/ disaster/ Emergencies spaces.
• Rapid Political Risk Analysis.
• Conflict Sensitive Investment decisions support.
• State Stabilisation Assessments.
• Post Conflict Reconstruction Mission Assessments.

Foresight & Futures Thinking Capabilities

• Thinking Systems Training for Senior decision makers:
• Design thinking,
• Systems Thinking
• Critical Thinking
• Forecasting&Scenario Modelling Projects.
• Transition/ Change Management Support.
• Competitive Intelligence Advisory Services.

Research and Social Intelligence

The Camerafrica Research and Social Intelligence division helps business, government and social enterprise leaders prepare for opportunity, empowering
them to act with confidence when making strategic decisions. Our team applies problem framing techniques and suitable analytical tools to achieve empirical
findings and recommendations. Grounded in sound conceptual foundations, our research products are alive to local realities and raw on the ground intelligence to ensure recommendations are evidence based. We have established robust quality control protocols for high value research products.

Research Design Centre

• Formative Research Assignments.
• Design of Audience&Social Groups
insights Projects.
• Design of Ethnography&Reference
Group assignments
• Design of Political Economy Analysis.
• Field Pretesting of Concepts
• Business Case Data collection
• Training Curriculum for on Research, M&
E Approaches, Toolkits &Guidebooks.

Technical Analysis Centre

  • Productivity Analysis
  • Business Processes Analysis
  • Automation of business services
  • Desktop Reviews
  •  Methodology Analysis
  •  Stakeholder Analysis
  • Power Analysis
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Longitudinal Surveys
  • Costing Analysis

Knowledge Centre

• Policy Briefs,
• Monographs,
• Best Practice Guides
• Strategic Plans
• Book Chapters,
• Annual Reports,
• Case Studies
• Camerafrica Learning Hub