We reckon that the present information age has disrupted traditional approaches, platforms and means of communication. As such, we revolutionize how senior leaders, brands, public sector companies, private companies, charities and international development agencies undertake communication, campaign, influencing and strategy development and how these are managed to successful completion. We do not stop at providing information and data, we tell the story behind the data
and provide critical insights that enable a successful implementation of
Research is at the heart of what we do enable us to lean on robust evidence in all projects to ensure tangible business impact and client satisfaction.


    To be the first port of call for clients seeking solutions that illuminate complexity and enrich people’s lives.


    To constantly develop new ways of working, deliver outstanding services and create client satisfaction.


    • Excellence
    • Respect to diversity and local contexts
    • Integrity.


2007 - 2019

Leaders, enterprises and organizations we work with will be grounded with suitable communication approaches, evidence and project management expertise necessary to shift, move, and thrive within rapid change, uncertainty and future.

Our Competencies


  • Knowledge Production

    Much of our work focuses on embedding evidence within senior management decisions, strategies and at the design stage of large scale projects. We support our clients with suitable conceptual frameworks, case studies and insights from rigorous primary research. We ensure our clients are well prepared to offset competition, drive change and navigate through complexity.

  • Communication

    Our expertise includes shaping internal and external communication functions for effective impact and a shift in public perception. We provide specialized writing services; public relations interventions, design of marketing, digital and creative products. We have a full dedicated public outreach campaigns hub that leads key lobbying and behavior change interventions. generate knowledge..

  • Technical Assistance

    We focus our efforts on technical assistance and training programs that are flexible, adaptive, demand-driven, rigorous, measurable, and outcome-focused. We have capacity to undertake sector-wide audits, inquiries and in-depth investigations.

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Camerafrica Consultants

Communication Research Project Management

These values give us the foundations we need.
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