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Our Expetise

Integrated Communications

We specialise in servicing the communication needs of international development organisations, foundations, charities, trusts and business’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagements. 

Our Communications Portfolio combines accrued experience working across international development, public sector and private sector.

Our multidisciplinary combination of compelling visual story telling, over 20 years working with various development projects across Africa equips us to produce engaging and impactful content for various audiences.

For profit making clients, we curate distinct messaging that captures Above The line, below the line and through the line objectives and deliver impactful consumer top of mind communications that triggers purchase and retention.

For the nonprofit sector, we are experts of telling the development story addressing diverse aspects of international development. We work with donor agencies, diplomatic missions, multilateral institutions, global nonprofit initiatives to deliver communication assignments that bring impact and visibility of their campaigns and advocacy efforts.

Knowledge Management

Our research and consulting expertise focuses on application of behavioural science, psychographics and ethnography approaches to understand factors that influence individual, community and institutional experiences, behaviors and choices.

We offer a wide range of market research services from secondary to primary research  desktop and primary assignments with a core emphasis on data modelling, analysis, interpretation of trends and research findings.

Our team applies problem framing techniques and conduct robust research grounded in sound conceptual foundations. We guide clients through interpretation of findings and ensure our recommendations are alive to local realities using the PSM model that casts Political, Security and Market risks to inform decisions.

We position clients on the overtaking lane by careful analysis of competition and shifting consumer/customer preferences and processing these through the range of agency services (above-the-line, below-the-line, beyond-the-line, digital, PR) and stakeholder engagement events. 

Professional Skills Development

Understanding the rapid changes impacting on careers, sectors and societies, we provide a full range of learning and professional development courses that support staff, senior management and oversight boards to adapt to change and demands for new professional skills.

We offer professional training workshops, host conferences, run seminars and design in house knowledge forums. Our approach to training is conversational, interactive and uses case studies, group/peer to peer learning and blending between academic and practice experiences to enable staff to upscale their competencies on a wide range of disciplines.

We deliver training courses covering 4 broad strategic areas:  Strategic Communications, Government Engagement, Development Delivery and Competition Research. We walk with organisations to curate their knowledge and learning policies, sharpen pitches and presentations, prepare staff to take up new roles and assignments and provide a confidential space for senior management to bounce ideas and strategy.

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